Creativity Unleashed Reiki Meditation and Art Expression

Everything – and everyone- is made of energy. The subtle energy structures, including charkas, and the auric fields, underlie all physical reality, actually forming its structure.   Colour and light emanates from and interpenetrates this field from pools of concentrated energy aligned up the spine, from the base to crown, like sparkling jewels of a necklace. These are referred to as Chakras or translated in Sanskrit as “wheels”.

We start at the base of the spine or root chakra, which is connected to feelings of security. Then energy rises through a focus on creativity, personal power, compassion, communication, intuition and finally union with the divine or bliss. Opening each chakra, as we develop, raises our consciousness and increases wholeness allowing us to move onto the next level.

Join us for an exciting 8 week series, or even just for one class, to explore and balance these beautiful energy centres through reiki infused meditation.  Then express whatever comes up with a carefully selected art medium.  Each week we pair an art medium to the traits of the featured chakra.  Week one we will ground and strengthen our root chakra and mark our fresh trail with the magic of pastel.  Learn how to use the medium effectively.

Enjoy this moving event with friends or make it a solo adventure.  A journey within is always an exhilarating trip! See you on March 1, 2016

Contact for more info and to book your spot. creativity unleashed

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