Nice surprises of the day

Last week Andrzej and I were trying to figure out how to freshen up our studio entrance.The dirty hand prints, screw holes and tape residue wasn’t exactly how we envisioned our bit of the hallway to look like. We also had a brand new sign that couldn’t possibly be associated with that wall!

I came in today for my usual painting session and what a surprise! Our sign is mounted, accompanied by a cork board, on a freshly painted crisp white wall, complimenting our fabulous door! Andrzej you’ve really outdone yourself this time – thank you!
I also just found out Influx was mentioned in Blog TO’s “Where to rent studio space in Toronto”
…yes, I know, it was posted FEBRUARY 3, 2012, but it’s still a nice surprise to me. I feel our blurb may have been a little misleading – we do offer more than workshops and our prices range from $150 – $400. Thanks Robyn Urback for the post, it’s greatly appreciated!

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